"Since God
is the highest perfection,
the harmony composed
for his praise
should follow
the strictest rules
that perfection can claim,
as far as human imperfection
can realize them."
-- Johann Josef Fux, 1725

"I provide the very best
in music education.
The successes of my students
are evidence of their commitment
and skill."

Ian Hodge Ian Hodge, AMusA, BD, ThM, PhD. A student of the late Igor Hmelnitsky (Sydney), Dr. Hodge pursued a career as a professional musician which included repetiteur vocal-coach, musical director (accompanist and conductor) to Sir Harry Secombe, Kamahl, Gordon Boyd and James Pegler. Dr. Hodge has worked in music theatre and opera in productions of Brigadoon, South Pacific and toured for the Arts Council of NSW playing the operetta, Three's Company. The author of four books and over 500 essays on issues such as music, education, business management and philosophy, Dr. Hodge combines his interests in teaching activities throughout Australia and abroad. He is a keen teacher, and has been teaching music and other subjects for over 30 years.

Dr. Hodge has built a reputation as one of the leading piano teachers in Australia. From 1997-2004 Dr. Hodge was head of the Piano Department of the Stoliarsky School of Music in Brisbane, Australia, and in 1999 became Owner and Principal of the school. During this time, the students of the school, and his students in particular, achieved very high levels of recognition. Click here to see the student results.

In 2004 Dr. Hodge relocated to the USA. In addition to his music teaching activities, he is an active writer and business consultant, offering solutions to business problems from a Christian perspective. Click here for details. He is a frequent speaker at conferences in the USA and Australia and undertakes master classes and teaching programs for piano students.

At present, Dr. Hodge conducts piano and theory lessons for students in both USA and Australia.

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